Inpersona is your Medical Data Protected

Welcome to Inpersona; The Metaverse Platform that Incentivizes Health and Health Improvements. The more we improve the more we can earn. And the more we share this technology and Medical Data Security the more we can earn. It is Incentivized Health!


Step 1; Download the Free Inpersona App. It is conveniently available on the Apple iStore, Google Play Store or Direct Download.

This is the App you will need in order to connect with the Inpersona Eco-System. You will be able to connect with


For those that will be connecting with their Apple iPhone and/or Apple Watch. If you have an Apple Watch you are already set to connect your Inpersona Account and Data NFT to your Apple Watch. This is a popular solution. Many iPhone Users are very satisfied and pleased with their Inpersona Accounts, Data NFTs and entire Experience.


If you have an Android Smartphone, you will utilize the App from the Google Play Store. And will be able to connect in multiple ways. We utilize this with the Helo Band. You can get that through the Inpersona App. Or you can access any of the 300 compatible devices. If you have an Android Wearable Watch you most likely have a compatible device.


And for those utilizing Android in a more complex setting, we have the access to the Direct Download .APK File. If you do not know what this is, it is not for you. LOL. This is for the techies and if you know you know. We just make it available; so that all can Access this incredible Program and Medical Data Solution.


Step 2; Now that you have the Inpersona App downloaded onto your Smart Phone or other Compatible Device you will need an Invite Code to proceed.

We are a Proud Partner of the Inpersona Project. And have an Invite Code for you to use. This is fully available. Should you have any issues with this CODE, please Contact Us. We are available to support you and to grow with you as we share this incredible solution around the World.



Step 3; Keep going as you complete the Inpersona Set-Up Process. As another resource to help you, you can access the Corporate Information Page Here. Allowing you up to date direction and support assistance.

Mint your Data-NFT.

Mint a Data-NFT level Basic, 1, 2, 3 or 4 and select the device you’d like. Each Level enables different features in a HealthFi and SocialFi reward system.

Connect your compatible device to your Data-NFT.

Monitor your health and mine Crypto just by wearing your device.

Share inPersona & Earn Rewards.

A revolutionary HealthFi and SocialFi rewards program funded by data mining and inPersona’s global Data-NFT revenue.


Support is Available through us or the Corporate Connections with Inpersona and the Community. Either through the Inpersona Support and Customer Service or through our Experts in our Online Community you have support to gain and participate in the future with Inpersona. SEE This Page For Support Services and you will be able to gain access to our Online Community. Details Below.


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In Addition to the Support and Access to information regarding Inpersona; We offer a huge Support Network. Simply Contact Us to gain access to our Online Community with years of experience with this new technology and direction.

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